Little Chairs Big Differences

For and By Early Childhood Educators and Care Providers

2018 Annual Conference

Brave and Creative:

Early Childhood Practices For a Just World

October 17, 2018



Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, NY

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About Us

Little Chairs Big Differences was founded in 2013 by The Maple Street School, a small co-op preschool in Brooklyn, with the collaboration of Wendy Cole, Martha Haakmat, and Takiema Bunche-Smith.  LCBD hosts a variety of events (workshops, panel discussions, celebrations...) and one major yearly conference that offer action-based and social justice-minded resources, support, professional learning, and community connection for those who work with young children.

As early childhood educators we are fundamentally involved in raising awareness and challenging perceptions and accepted norms for the youngest learners and those who work with them, yet we are often left out of larger conversations about identity and intersectionality. Through gatherings and events, Little Chairs Big Differences aims to create space for a means of both celebrating and going deeper into this work, broadening our understanding, and being more action-oriented toward creating a more just society and world.

Little Chairs Big Differences Annual Conference 2018

Brave and Creative:

Early Childhood Practices For a Just World

October 17, 2018



Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, NY


To decide on a theme for our sixth annual conference this year, we came together as a committee to envision what creates compassionate and playful early childhood care and education. What are the stories we all have and what are the stories we all tell? What is the art we create, the dances we do, the songs we sing, the food we cook, the play we play?

We are putting the practice before the theory this year.

Together we learn and grow towards empowerment when taking risks, being vulnerable, and being brave. We know that in order to have real empathy for children who are stretching and struggling every day, we need to understand what it feels like to stretch and struggle through different perspectives.

It’s in the act of having to do things that you don’t want to

that you learn something about moving past the self. Past the ego. ~bell hooks

We want to practice this deep work, play, creative expression to have the courageous conversations to bring back into our centers, families and communities. We want to explore our shared histories, ‘funds of knowledge,’ and lived experiences that make our wisdom traditions.

Join us in Brooklyn for a one-day conference designed to bring together people who love and work with young children, birth to 8 years old, in various capacities.  

In order to grow a just community and culture, we must practice, play, create and be brave ourselves. We are hoping that at this conference all the voices in the early childhood community are heard and and everyone is seen. That experiences are honored and wisdom is celebrated.

Join us on October 17, 2018, in our sixth year of Little Chairs, Big Differences, to practice bravery and creativity for a more just world. This world is one where we have everyday conversations and creations about race, gender, ability, class to learn and teach ourselves and the children we work with.

This conference is by us, for us. We are seeking your proposals for workshops and experience that connect to this theme of creative and brave practice, as it relates to the issues around responsiveness and justice that we encounter daily in early childhood settings. 


8am-8:45am - Optional Yoga Workshop

8am-9am - Registration and light breakfast.

9am-9:45am - Welcome with LCBD Planning Committee, Keynote speech

10am-11:30am - Workshop Session A

11:30am-12:30pm - Lunch

12:30pm-2pm - Workshop Session B

2pm-3pm - Closing Ceremony, Goodbye with LCBD Planning Committee

3pm-5pm - After Party TBA

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO September 19!! To apply to present an interactive workshop, download our RFP HERE and email it to by or before September 19,  2018.

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